​Children and Travelling

You may or may not be prepared for the next step in your life. Travelling with your younger children will possibly be an experience of a lifetime you don't want to miss, even though it's their first time travelling with people they don't know.

It's no secret that children are little bundles of joy with a lot of energy and they don't always understand why they should keep still or quite while travelling in a shuttle.
Don't miss the opportunity to see your kids out of their comfort zone while travelling. We have put together a few tips to make your trip with your younger kids even more enjoyable:
Plan your trip thoroughly beforehand and bring along a few items for your kids to play with during your trip, it will definitely put a smile on their face.
Prepare your children mentally for the trip, they are mostly fearless and ready to take on any task. Let them know how the environment will be during this trip.
Teach and reward:
You children are new to this whole shuttle experience, so it is your job as a parent to teach them how to behave on a shuttle. And off course, don't forget to bring a few snacks to reward them for their good behaviour.

As a well-known shuttle service across South Africa, we get to deal with children of all ages, and we are well prepared to deal with any situation. We can't wait to have you and your little one's on our shuttle to your preferred destination.
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