You'll want to slip on your walking shoes and dust your camera off.

Your dream to be a traveller isn't over yet. It's sad to say, but who knows when we will be able to live a life that we used to call normal and build unforgettable memories again.

We know it's hard to leave you home or even your hometown without the necessary permits to travel. So, we gave it some thought on writing you a short guide on how to be a tourist in your own hometown. Going on a beachy holiday with your family and friends aren't really an option at this stage, so go on and explore the beauty you have right at your doorstep. Here are a few tips before you hit the streets:

Do a quick history lesson: There are so many unhidden places in your hometown that you have not even given a thought to. Get to know places in your area and see it with new eyes.
Set up a travel journey: You will be amazed when you discover how many places you have not visited in your own city/town.
Change your viewpoint: It's not the boring old town that you grew up in, it's a historic place with thousands of people in it. Looking from a different view will certainly make you feel less at home - in a good way - than you think.
Eat food you never thought you would: You are now a tourist, so make it count. Visit the takeaway restaurant or sit-down restaurant you never thought you would even try. You'll become the foodie you never thought would be possible after your trip.
Take your friends and family for a trip around your neighbourhood: You'll never know how much you can see through someone else's eyes. Your friends and family will point out things and places your eyes never caught.

We feel your frustration to be in lock-down with only your thoughts and limited company in your home. So, get out there and be a tourist in your own city and ignite a newfound appreciation for your hometown.