Limetime Shuttle's Covid-19 safety procedures

Miles of safe travelling smiles. 

We know you know how to keep yourself safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, but do you know what we at LimeTime are doing to keep you safe?

We are adhering to all the national lockdown regulations and
protocol to protect you while transporting you to your preferred destination.
LimeTime Shuttle Services are following these 6 steps to ensure you and your family are protected on our shuttles:

1. All shuttles are sanitized after every trip.
2. All drivers will ask you to sanitize your hands and luggage when checking in at your pick up or drop off point.
3. All passengers must wear facemasks at all times.
4. All passengers will be screened and recorded. (Any high-temperature passengers won't be allowed to board the shuttle)
5. Only 70% of available seat capacity will be sold, to maintain social distancing.
6. Passengers will be required to keep their social distance at check-in points.

Now that you have all our procedures at hand, why not start booking your seats to your preferred destination.
Limetime Shuttle's travel safety tips
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