Feeling overwhelmed while packing is quite common, especially if you are not a frequent traveller. How many times do you have to forget to pack your cellphone charger or to bring along your notebook for that business meeting? We have put together a few tips that you can follow to breeze through your next travel-packing adventure.

Make a to-do list:
It might seem quite superficial, but creating a packing list definitely ensures that you don't forget anything that is essential. Create a list of everything you need to pack and start crossing them off as you pack them.

Mix and match:
If extra luggage costs are not an obstacle for you, this tip won't apply, but for those who prefer not to have added costs on their travel luggage, consider packing mix and match clothing items that can serve as more than one outfit. Always remember you can do laundry while travelling and it is not necessary for you to pack an outfit for each day that you are on your travelling expedition!

Roll it up:
Another space-saving tip we want to add on our list is the methods you use to pack your clothes. Folding clothes can take up more space in your suitcase. Rolling your shirts, pants, socks and underwear actually takes up less space.

Prim and proper:
If you know you are travelling for corporate or event purposes, consider packing a travel steamer for the creases and a lint roller for the unwanted fluff. We all want to look our best and these helpful tools will surely make your outfit unforgettable.

We at Limetime Shuttle know that planning and packing for a trip can be exhausting enough on its own, but your packing techniques don't have to be! By following these helpful tips, you are sure to be ready-set-go.