The ultimate travel packing guide

The ultimate packing list.

Packing mishaps happen, you don't want to be all excited to hit the beach when you arrive at your holiday destination and discover you forgot your swimsuit at home or even your wallet. The most important things to keep in mind when packing is the length of your trip, weather, and any non-standard items.

What to always remember:
Toiletries and Medication:
Whether it's your everyday medication or your favourite lipstick, forgetting toiletries can range for being inconvenient to become a serious problem.

Arriving at your destination and want to take a snap to remember the beautiful scenery, but you forgot your camera. Always remember to pack your electronic adapters, camera and of course your smartphone essentials.

Other important packing necessities:
Don't learn the hard way, always pack your passport, bank or credit card. A list of your medication and your emergency contacts.

And remember to always pack your smile and have some fun on your trip. 

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