Hop on one of our LimeTime Shuttles and explore the finest spots of the Free State with our 6 stops. 

If you are planning a trip to the heart of South Africa, also known as the Free State, we have put together a few facts to make your sightseeing a bit more entertaining.

These facts include a few of the towns on our route map in the Free State province. South Africa's breadbasket is situated on a series of smooth grassy plains covered with rich soil and lovely weather.

Our first stop is Bloemfontein, the capital city of the Free State and is also the seventh-largest city in South Africa. Next, we have Welkom, the second-largest city in the Free State. If you enjoy the wild, the lion tours and interactions with lion and tiger cubs in Kroonstad will get your day going. Our last stop is Theunissen, which is perfect for our wine enthusiast with the only wine farm in the Free State. We have a few other stops on our list.

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