Tips for hygiene and infection prevention while traveling

Let's face it. Not all aspects of traveling are glamorous, sometimes, it's hard to make sure you're keeping yourself clean and healthy while traveling. Whether you are traveling by car or shuttle, maintaining hygiene while you travel is important. 

The easiest way to stay clean while traveling is to wash your hands regularly or sanitize often. Wash your hands after you have used the bathroom and before you eat. If you want your face to be clean, packing a pack of facial wipes or cleanser to wash your face is a great start. This will help you feel refreshed when you are out and about. To ensure that your level of hygiene is up to par, bring gum, mouthwash or breath mints along on your trip.

To keep you hydrated and energized throughout your trip, it's important to drink lots of water during the course of your day. Eating fruits and vegetables will give you the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Practice these hygiene and health tips to protect yourself and others from spreading diseases. Our busses and drivers are sanitizing regularly to make sure your holiday is as relaxed as planned.
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