When you need to travel lighter

When you need to travel lighter

We always try to over plan and be extra prepared for a trip, but as we get more experienced with travel and packing, we start to notice that we are actually overpacking.
To help lighten your burden, here's a list of things to consider not packing:
Jewellery and Valuables
You will probably only get to wear them once or twice and run a big risk of losing them.

Extra camera equipment (Zoom lenses, tripods etc)
Unless you are a professional photographer of course, otherwise we all use our nifty cellphones to capture moments or just keep your most basic and compact camera lenses handy along with your camera.

In case of emergency toiletries
Pack the bare essentials, anything extra you can find at a local pharmacy or convenience store.

More than one pair of jeans
Jeans take a lot of space, luckily they can last at least three days without a wash, they are warm, durable, fashionable and don't make you look like a tourist.

More than one heavy jacket
Layering your clothing is key to packing light while providing enough warmth for different temperature spikes and dips.

If you think "what if..." or "Maybe can use..." then you probably don't need it.
It will not be worth hauling around for a maybe once-off use.

Always remember to pack destination specific, but don't pack things that you are not sure you will be needing. Also, this list is not absolute as we all have our preferences and priorities.

Take this strategy to heart and I promise your trips will become more enjoyable. 

The holidays are nigh!
Everyone says how important travelling is.

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